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J. M. Barrie Recounts a Cold Reception

Author J. M. Barrie recounted a visit to Craigenputtock by his friend, the English novelist, George Meredith. Barrie writes:

Then there is his interview with Carlyle at Craigenputtock, which I had been trusting reviews would quote. He was in Dumfries many years ago, and drove to Craigenputtock to meet with the sage, whom he did not happen to know personally. He thought, however, that his name would be sufficient introduction. On reaching the farm he saw Carlyle sitting on a dyke. The sage would not let him approach, saying he had never heard of him, and finally chased him round the duck pond. He learned afterwards from the schoolmaster that this was one of Carlyle’s "bad days” and also that a labourer in the parish was usually paid by the genial author of Sartor Resorts £5 per annum to take admiring visitors to another farm and pretend that it was Craigenputtock”.

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